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Monte Inglês

Ilha de São Miguel - Ponta Delgada - Fajã de Cima





We are an inserted company of agricultural tourism in an agricultural property named Monte Inglês (English Mount) in which exists a XIXcentury house totally recouped for this activity.

In Monte Inglês (English Mount) it is developed tourist activity of lodging and it offers activities of \"Animation\" related to rural and agricultural environment.

The equestrian basis assumes an important role in this rural tourism Project, for being a passion and devotion of its owners.

Converted the old rustic installations in stables for horses and constructed two arena, a covered arena with 30 x17 m and an exterior arena with Olympic measures (20x60). In the Monte Inglês (English Mount) conditions of high quality exist to practice or to get riding lessons of different modalities or yet to enjoy magnificent horse strolls in all the agricultural property or landscapes of raised beauty, with panoramic view over the field or the city of Ponta delgada.

We are cattle breeders of Pure Race Lusitano Blood and of horses of sport (Warmbloods), however, in Monte Inglês (English Mount) exists a majoritly an exemplary of Lusitana race with distinction of some units proceeding from the best cattle breeders of Portugal. This component allows giving a special distinction to the Portuguese traditional Riding.

Monte Inglês (English Mount) is situated in the island of São Miguel (Saint Michael), the bigger of the nine islands of the archipelago of the Azores. It is situated in the rural community of Fajã de Cima.

It is 3 Km away from downtwn and 4Km away from the local airport.
As refered before, equestrian sport is the main activity, however, one can also enjoy of the participation in the agricultural activity, milks and direction of animals.

As alternative activities, nearby, one can make use of bicycles strools or pedestrian strolls to the Forest Reserve Named \"Pinal da Paz\" (Pine tree plantation of the peace) 2,5 Km away from the property, golf in the Campo de Golfe da Batalha 5 km away and to swim in the waters of the beaches of Pópulo (5 Km).




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