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Pico do Refúgio

Ilha de São Miguel - Ribeira Grande - Rabo de Peixe



Located in the Azores, on the north coast of the island of São Miguel, Pico do Refúgio is a mansion that dates the beginning of the XVII century. During the past three hundred years served it many different purposes, among these, fortress for militias, artist residence, orange tree plantations and tea factory. Now the doors open as Pico do Refúgio – Country Houses, a place where the harmony between Nature, Art, History and the Ocean can be enjoyed.

The building of Pico do Refúgio was initiated somewhere in between the 16th and 17th centuries. However the oldest official document is the chapel construction permit, dating from 1750.
Thanks to its location and fortress like structure it came to play an important role in the vigilance against corsairs and fortress for militias.

The property has been used for cultivating many things including oranges trees and tea. The old factory of “Ataíde” still exists.
The azorian painter and writer, Luís Bernardo Ataíde, used it as a country house and later it was the home and inspiration ground of the sculptress, Luísa Constantina.

Pico do Refúgio has recently been renovated between October 2005 and August 2008. The project consisted on the remodulation of the farm infra-structure including the old tea factory. Now contain apartments for lodging, a scuba diving school and public spaces.
The renovation was performed preserving the exterior outline and original function of each building.

In this process were built the Country Houses of Pico do Refúgio, 8 houses ranging in between 55 and 110 m² spread around two different areas of the farm. These are either “Lofts” or “Apartments. All our houses have bathroom, kitchen and cable TV. The Lounge is fitted with TV, telephone, fax, photocopy, wireless internet and a meeting room with video projector.

One of the Lofts is adapted for guests with locomotion disabilities.

The farm consists of 20 acres, part of which are classified as ecological reserve. Taste our homemade marmalade, produced from domestic fruit, enjoy the country side atmosphere by walking, bird watching (including bird houses) or simply relax by the pool.
Learn how to dive without leaving the site. Our school and dive center offers a service integrating lodging and underwater activities, which includes programs and instructors from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).
For surfers, the location could not be better! It’s just a seven minutes drive away from Santa Bárbara beach ( Ribeira Grande) , where the World Qualification Series (WQS) Prime Surf event is held annually.




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