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Quinta de São Caetano

Ilha de São Miguel - Ponta Delgada - Livramento





Welcome to Quinta de Sao Caetano, situated 6 km from Ponta Delgada and 0.5 km from the beach of Pópulo inserted and protected by a lush forest of eucalyptus, acacia and incense.

Built in the year 1875, as "Quinta" has undergone several architectural changes over the years, maintaining the characteristics of rural architecture in the region practiced in the final quarter of the century past.

The group formed by the House itself and " Casa do Caseiro" gives a stamp of architecture of that era.

With the new implementation of the current construction works in the kitchen and the surrounding areas, take a less traditional volumetry, giving the whole place in a more contemporary image.

Today, Quinta de São Caetano is not more than the guarantee of comfort and relaxation. Awakening to the sound of birds, the lawn and garden with flowers of the season, on the outskirts of almost all dependencies as well as the surroundings of our forest, gives a special charm to those who choose us.

Quinta de Sao Caetano has 4 rooms, very comfortable, all with private bathrooms one of which belongs to the "Casa do Caseiro", equipped with kitchen and living room. The decor in English style, from the time of the orange, late nineteenth century.
The breakfast if you choose this mode is to combine the time served in the dining room or terrace in accordance with the wishes of the guests or weather conditions.
Guests also have, at the Motherhouse at his disposal the living room shared by 3 rooms, with the possibility of Internet connection.

For the purposes of the reservation is required 50% deposit of total stay.





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