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Aldeia da Cuada

Ilha de Flores - Lajes das Flores - Fajã Grande





In the Flores Island, Europe’s most western point, on a plateau hanging over the ocean, Aldeia da Cuada is a secret place where nature still keeps its mysteries. Abandoned in the '60s, when its inhabitants emigrated to the Americas, the Aldeia was restored by Teotónia and Carlos Silva, who wisely knew how to establish the connection between the hard rustic style of the past and the modern comfort needs of the present when renovating the rural design of the old stone houses. Unhurried, enjoy the sound of birds and the scent of dry hay, fresh grass and laurels with the sweet perfume of the flowers. In a world where scenery takes the breath away, peacefulness will be your most faithful companion. Search no further. Paradise is here.


Aldeia da Cuada is protected and classified by the Regional Government of the Azores as Cultural Patrimony with historical, architectonical and environment interest.




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