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Moinho de Pedra

Ilha de Graciosa - Santa Cruz da Graciosa - Praia (São Mateus)





  1. History of House

The Windmill was built in l946, for grinding grain, abundant in the island and one of the pillars of the economy of Graciosa

In 2007 was completed its reconstruction and adapted to rural Tourism in Casa de Campo.

Our venture, "Stone Mill" has four apartments:

       3 individual T1 apartments (each with bed room, living room, kitchenette and toilets)

      1 apartment typology T2, running on two floors of conical body of old windmill and an inner connection to the roof (currently: the living room dining room, kitchenette, 2 bedrooms, and toilet facilities).

  1. Region's history, nature, culture and gastronomy

Graciosa is the northernmost Island of the Central Group of the Azores Archipelago, situated in theAtlantic Ocean. Has a total area of 61.66 Km2.

ThevillageofSanta Cruzis the county seat and which part three parishes: Guadalupe, Luz and Praia de São Mateus.

Graciosa was awarded by UNESCO with the reward of Biosphere Reserve.

 The cropped coastline of Graciosa, gives rise to numerous bays, islets within short distance of this, but with a huge importance in terms of avifauna, because they are nesting habitat for seabirds, as well as rest areas/passage (staging) to migratory birds.

 The islets of Praia jointly with the islets in Carapacho housing the only worldwide community of Painho do Monteiro, a residential colony of Cory's shearwater and are also nesting sites of other rare species of birds, namely the Roquinho, Rola-do-mar, Borrelho-de-coleira-interrompida, Gavina-comum, Garajau rosado and comum, the Alvéola-cinzenta, etc.

In the Ethnographic Museum of Graciosa, are patents the Customs and traditions of this island, carefully preserved through Collections.

The antique furniture, musical instruments, rents and embroidery, household and agricultural, the whaling boats with their paraphernalia, which formerly were part of everyday life of people ofWhiteIsland, make us back to our childhood and relive the corn harvest, the grape harvest and hunting a whale.

TheCulturalCenter, building of the 20th century, has been since its opening scene of numerous socio/cultural activities and musicals.

The Municipal Library promotes various recreational activities, educational and cultural.

In the gastronomy of Graciosa is noteworthy:

ü      "Holy Spirit Soups ", kale and cabbage soup made with broth cooking meat pork, beef and chicken and served with homemade bread slices, this advance also softened with broth and Mint.

ü      The bloated bean soup with small onions, pumpkin, potatoes and seasoned with vinegar and “assa flor”.

ü       The fish dishes, roast stew, Ballan wrasse in wood oven baked mackerel, fig leaf and the fisher sauce.

ü       Stuffed Chicken and roast in the oven.

ü       The traditional dishes of pork kills, notably the liver lures with cumin sauce, sausage, blood sausage and greaves.

ü       Currently in confectionary highlight, “cavacas”, “escomilhas”, “filhoses” fries and oven, rice pastels, beans pudding, “barriga de freira (nun belly cupcakes)” and milk cupcakes known as "Queijadas da Graciosa”.    


 3.  Windmill Location

Rua dos Moinhos de Vento Nº 28

Praia de São Mateus-Rochela

9880-229 SCGraciosa/Azores

Coordinates: Lat: 39, 16 3 ´ 47N-long: 13,66 27 ° 58 ° W




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