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Glicinias do Pico

Ilha de Pico - Lajes do Pico - São João




Casa Azul
3 BedRooms: 2 rooms with double beds,  1 room with 2 twin beds,                                                            Kitchen, living room, 2 WC´s                                                                                                                   Swimming pool on premises welcome to all our guests  

Casa Lilás
3 BedRooms:  3 double beds,                                                                                                               Kitchen, living room, 1 WC´s                                                           

Glicinias do Pico, located  in São João, approximately  9 Km from the old whaling village of Lajes do Pico and facing the beautiful deep Blue seaThe North side of São João is protected by the Majestic mountain of "Pico" which  seems to enchant you whenever you look at it.  Glicinias do Pico, composed by two, three bedroom "country houses" surrounded by green space and a swimming pool  located at the Blue house  welcome to all our guests.                                                                        

Here nature is calling you. Enjoy the walks through ancestral tracks, the bicycle rides,  a picnics at the lagoons, the challenge of climbing the highest mountain of Portugal, at 2351mts, the unforgettable sights of the giant whales and the friendly dolphins. Pico is no exception to the quality of our gastronomy. All of this in the atmosphere of absolute tranquility and glorious beauty, will certainly  transform your stay into a one of a kind memorable experience. 




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