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Alto da Bonança

Ilha de Pico - São Roque do Pico - Santa Luzia






The" Alto da Bonança" houses are located 8 Km from the municipality of São Roque, in the parish of Santa Luzia, overlooking the sea and one of the most beautiful fronts to the mountain and to the island of S. Jorge in a landscaped setting par excellence and 4 Km from the airport.

The parish is rich in traditions prevailing a quiet community life, particularly in areas along the coast of Lagido, arches and Kid's name.

The names of these places are derived from active volcanic features that existed for many years.

So Lagjido came from the large expanse of lajes in the soil, as a result of solidification of volcanic lavas.

Arches, so designated by the existence of three arches, all in a row, in the low end, and that the coast wear time did disappear. Kid name derived from the existence of a rock looking like a kid.

You can also reference the first phenomenon resulting from the volcanic eruption in the 16th century was the emergence of the mystery of Santa Luzia, in which the cervix lavas covered a distance of about 9 Km, until they reach the sea, solidifying the Dog between the harbour and the Lagido.

The" Alto da Bonança" houses, offer a framework for interesting rural parishes characteristic of Pico Island that, in modern times, invite you to enjoy nature, in the presence of the effect of progress that the man entered, preserving the environmental space of well-being and health over time and space.

The dwelling house, coupled with tank to house "granary", all deployed in an area with reasonable size makes this area an ideal place for tourists fond of nature.

The House and the surroundings will give you a happy life, how life ideal that the Renaissance called "Golden middle", while allowing an integration into own rural activities in such a way as to give tourists an "experience" by the owners of the fifth chosen by each one.




These two touring units in country houses include:

Main house: T3-6/8 people Housing that develops mainly on the first floor, consisting of two rooms, one (suite), another room with bank bed, dining room and kitchen, common room facing the patio next to the tank, and bathroom.

The zero floor space of the old shop, with access from a stairway inside, is composed of a double room and a recreation room with sofa.

The House has a TV, stereo, kitchen all equipped with dishwasher, microwave oven, fridge, Electric Hob, Toaster, coffee machine. The ability of housing space is for five people.


The "Atafona"(granary):

With two T1- 2/4 people 1st floor, with connection to a courtyard facing the mountain, consists of a double bedroom, bathroom with shower cabin, lounge/dining room with sofa bed, a kitchenette equipped with Electric Hob, fridge, toaster and coffee maker.

The r/c floor is composed of a double room with bathroom and shower cabin, with lounge/dining room with sofa, kitchenette equipped with electric plate, a whole refrigerator, Toaster, coffee maker. This part of the House has a private courtyard. For any of us may be housing the crib.

For any of houses is possible to provide cots.


Outdoor equipment:


Laundry and barbecue.




If they want information will be provided, written/oral, on mountain climbing; walking trails; visit to museums; observation of dolphins whales; schedules for all transport (land, air and maritímos); rent-a-car; paisagem protegida da cultura da vinha classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site, in the category of cultural Landscap.




Tatiane Miller
about Alto da Bonança