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The soft waving of the mountains framed by the blue of the ocean, the dark lava stone walls through which the luxuriant green of vines bursts, the white silhouettes of windmills enlivened by red pointed domes… These are the brushstrokes on the living watercolour that Graciosa Island is, which is made even more bucolic by the island's tranquil way of life.
Graciosa also offers the chance to descend to the interior of a volcano, to admire fine examples of Renaissance art or to dive amid the several colours of the underwater fauna and flora. It is worth discovering the charms of a small island that is well-deserving of its name!

Geographical Description

Located at 28º 05" west longitude and 39º 05" north latitude, with an oval shape, Graciosa is 12.5 km long and 8.5 km wide at its maximum point, covering an area of 61.66 km2. The island is quite flat, especially in the northern and northeastern areas, but it slowly rises up to 398 m in Pico Timão.

What to visit

Santa Cruz Town

This is a very pleasant town due to the careful distribution of its houses; it almost makes us go back in time. In the town centre, there are two water tanks that were used by animals in the past. Today they reflect the araucarias that surround them, constituting a very pleasant set.


Located in the western part of the island, this caldera offers particularly favourable leisure conditions, not only because of the view that one can enjoy from it, but also because of the beauty, cosiness and quietness of the large crater that constitutes the reserve's interior. There you will find the Furna do Enxofre, a cave that is a rare volcanic phenomenon which is geologically unique in the world.

What to do

Motor and sail boat tours


Holy Ghost Festivals
Lord Christ of Miracles Festival